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? Question 01: melamine board is poisonous ?

? A: Melamine itself is nontoxic , relatively stable, will not be cured free toxicity. Melamine board furniture production on air pollution depends on whether there is melamine board used in dense board or particleboard substrate , if the substrate formaldehyde emission meet environmental standards , melamine material is not exacerbate pollution .

? Question 02: melamine panels used on furniture ?

? A: Currently on the market for home furniture and many more melamine MDF and particleboard as the substrate, by contrast , MDF outperforms the latter. MDF internal structure of uniform , binding force than particleboard , small deformation, surface roughness, and grip nails . Thus, a substrate made of melamine MDF board more durable , better play against assembling furniture characteristics . Particleboard texture is relatively loose, poor nail holding power , low cost than the former .

? Question 03 : Why is recommended melamine board cabinets wardrobes and other furniture ?

? A: Recommended reason: beautiful appearance to meet the fashion decoration ideas. Melamine panels can be any imitation of various patterns , bright color , fashion , home influx of people wise choice. Recommended reason two : smooth surface smooth, easy to maintain clean. Cabinets in daily use is very easy to dirty , choose easy to clean materials that can be less trouble . Melamine panels smooth surface, easy to clean . Recommended reason three : melamine board with natural wood can not be both excellent performance , more stable than natural wood , will not crack , deformation.

? Question 04 : Long Yuan Wood Products storage methods ?

? A: Because the products are panels , so need to be placed in a dry environment, avoid damp sheets ; Meanwhile , moisture is all plates must be taken seriously , qualified for the whole package should save Plate Sealer ; because the product is a multi- plate stacked stacked stacked flat should pay attention to in order to avoid uneven, long after the product will be deformed , the use will be affected, and stack height should try not to be too high, in order to ensure safety.

? Question 05: How to wipe it clean and white ?

? A: whiteboard use for some time , the board appears pen marks or fouling , is a normal phenomenon ; DO NOT wipe with a rag board directly ( because inevitably there is debris on the rag , hard objects will scratch the plates rub surface ) , needed whiteboard cleaner and cotton cloth or paper towel to clean . Practice : first on the plate whiteboard cleaner spray , with a soft , clean cotton cloth or paper towel without hair carefully wipe .

? Question 06: How to maintain WordPad ?

? Answer : Note: Do not use a sharp object plate surface characterization, will cause the coating to scratch ; occasional use tablet detergents or alcohol or white oil for cleaning and maintenance may be extended WordPad life ; board do not use corrosive chemical agents to wipe ; wipe please change WordPad , WordPad rub dirt on the surface to avoid scratching the plate surface ; Do not use magnetic nail plate surface friction , causing the board scratching ; Do not place the product in open spaces, sun rain causes flooding board delamination and product deformation. You want to buy tablet pen whiteboard pen monopoly of good quality stationery . Avoid affecting the writing effect .

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